Cube GSM 5kW & 8kW Diesel Air Heater - Nordkapp™
Cube GSM 5kW & 8kW Diesel Air Heater
Cube GSM 5kW & 8kW Diesel Air Heater - Nordkapp™
Cube GSM 5kW & 8kW Diesel Air Heater - Nordkapp™
Cube GSM 5kW & 8kW Diesel Air Heater - Nordkapp™
Cube GSM 5kW & 8kW Diesel Air Heater - Nordkapp™
Cube GSM 5kW & 8kW Diesel Air Heater - Nordkapp™
Cube GSM 5kW & 8kW Diesel Air Heater - Nordkapp™
Cube GSM 5kW & 8kW Diesel Air Heater - Nordkapp™

Cube GSM 5kW & 8kW Diesel Air Heater

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E-mark Type Approved GSM Diesel Air Heater

Stay cozy and warm wherever life takes you, be it on the road, at your cabin, or in the comfort of your garage. Introducing the Nordkapp™ Cube GSM Diesel Air Heater – your versatile heating companion for every location and occasion.

Multi-Location Versatility:

Don't let cold environments limit your adventures or work. Whether you're on a road trip, settling in a cabin, or working in your garage, the Nordkapp™ Cube offers optimal warmth tailored to suit various environments.

Easy Installation:

Dive right into a warm and cozy experience with our all-inclusive setup kit. No more hunting for parts or complicated setups. We've ensured that your transition into warmth is smooth and hassle-free.

Remote Smartphone Control:

Embrace the power of modern convenience. With just your smartphone and a SIM card, the Nordkapp™ Cube Heater is at your fingertips. Adjust settings, monitor the heater's performance, and switch it on or off from anywhere, anytime.

Safety with Aluminum Cover:

We prioritize your safety and well-being. The robust aluminum cover not only ensures longevity but also preventing any harmful substances from tainting your indoor air, guaranteeing a clean and safe heating experience.

EU Tested & E-mark Type Approved:

Our Nordkapp™ heaters have been rigorously tested and received the E-mark type approval in the European Union, a testament to their quality and adherence to safety standards.

Choose Nordkapp™ Cube GSM Diesel Air Heater for a reliable, modern, and safe heating solution.

Technical information

  • Power: 5kW or 8kW (depending on the model)
  • Voltage: 12V, 24V, 220V (220V power adapter not included)
  • Electricity consumption: 40W 
  • GSM phone control: nano-SIM (SIM card not included) App cost 1,99€/month.
  • Fuel consumption: About 0.1 l/h per kW
  • Air inlet: 75mm
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Heating Capacity: 2kW 20㎡,  5kW 40㎡, 8kW 60㎡

packing INCLUDES:

  • Cube GSM heater
  • Exhaust pipes (for vertical and horizontally install)
  • Intake pipe
  • Heater pipe
  • Adjustable air vent
  • Upgraded air filter
  • Silencer
  • Screws and accessories

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    Easy Install

    The Cube GSM heaters come with all necessary components pre-installed. Just connect the air intake and exhaust pipes, and it's ready to use.

    10 - Nordkapp™

    GSM Smartphone Control:

    Take control of your heating from anywhere using your smartphone and SIM-card. Conveniently start/stop, adjust settings and monitor your heater remotely.

    Multi-Location Usage

    Designed for versatility, this advanced heater can be used in a variety of locations, including cars, cabins, garages, and more. Whether you need to stay warm on the go or keep your workspace comfortable, the Nordkapp™ has you covered.

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    8 - Nordkapp™

    Connect To Battery Or Socket

    When using the diesel heater near an outlet, conveniently plug it in using the Nordkapp™ 220V-230V Power adapter. For vehicles or other off-grid setups, it's compatible with both 12V and 24V batteries.

    Aluminum Cover

    The aluminum cover serves as a protection, preventing harmful substances from diffusing into the indoor air. Ensures safe and clean heating for you and your loved ones.

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    Every Nordkapp™ air-heater comes equipped with the Nordkapp™ Super Silent oil pump, renowned for being one of the quietest oil pumps available in the market.

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