Aqua GSM Diesel Liquid Water Heater 12kW 12V/24V - Nordkapp™
Aqua GSM Diesel Liquid Water Heater 12kW 12V/24V - Nordkapp™

Aqua GSM Diesel Liquid Water Heater 12kW 12V/24V

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Indoor heating
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Unyielding Warmth for Bus & Truck Engines

Stay Toasty: Everywhere, Every Time

Introducing the Nordkapp™ Aqua GSM Diesel Liquid Water Heater, an exquisite blend of innovation and efficiency. Designed specifically for preheating bus and truck engines, it promises unwavering performance even in the most demanding situations.

Ultimate Vehicle Prep in Chilling Conditions

Whether it's a frosty morning or a chilling evening, your vehicle needs that extra push to roar to life without hiccups. The Nordkapp™ Aqua Water Heater delivers a powerful 12kW output, ensuring that your bus or truck's engine is prepped and ready, irrespective of external conditions. Gone are the days of engine struggles in cold weather!

Energy-Efficient and Dual Voltage Compatibility

Powered by 12V or 24V, this water heater is crafted keeping versatility in mind. It caters to a wide range of vehicles, ensuring maximum compatibility. Furthermore, the GSM Diesel Liquid Heater is an eco-friendly choice, using diesel as its primary fuel and ensuring efficient energy consumption, making it a reliable companion for long hauls.

Interior Comfort Like Never Before

While the primary purpose is to preheat engines, it's a boon for interiors as well. Experience unparalleled warmth and coziness inside your vehicle during those bitter cold travels. With the Nordkapp™ Aqua, you aren’t just buying a heater, you’re investing in unmatched comfort.

  • Power Options: 12kW
  • Voltage: 12V or 24V
  • GSM phone control: Compatible with nano-SIM (Note: SIM card is not provided. App subscription: 1.99€/month.)
  • Warranty Period: 24 months


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