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Air Share Kit T&T 2kW

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Share the Heat to different spaces

Transform the way you experience warmth and comfort with the Nordkapp™ Air Share Kit. This solution allows you to share the cozy, heated air from your diesel air heater to multiple areas, enhancing the warmth and comfort throughout your  motorhome, cabin or workspace.

For 2kW heaters

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    European Type Approval

    A key distinction lies in the heater unit itself. Nordkapp® Air Heaters are designed to meet the rigorous tests required by the ECE R122 type approval for safety. They have been laboratory tested and received ECE R122 Type Approval (E24) in the European Union. 

    In contrast, the widely sold Chinese diesel heaters do not meet these standards, and therefore, do not have similar approval. 

    ECE R122 Type Approval is mandatory for parking heaters; without this certification, the heater is illegal.

    Control via GSM 4G/5G

    Nordkapp diesel heaters offer an optional GSM 4G/5G mobile control, allowing you to operate the heater from anywhere with Nordkapp®’s own mobile app.

    2-Year Warranty and Support

    Nordkapp® offers a two-year warranty for its heaters, along with service and parts readily available in Europe. This ensures quick and effortless assistance when needed.

    Fuel Hoses

    Nordkapp® uses the highest quality fuel hoses, specifically designed for the requirements of each device. In contrast, Chinese heaters often use green fuel hoses that are too loose and causes problems.

    High-Quality Materials and Components

    Nordkapp® heaters predominantly use higher-quality components, making them more durable and quieter. For instance, the “Nordkapp® Super Silent” fuel pump is designed to operate more silently.

    E24 ECE R122 type approval certificate for diesel heaters means that a diesel heater has been certified as meeting the safety, emissions, and performance standards set out in Regulation 122 of the UNECE. This certification is important for manufacturers and users alike, as it ensures the diesel heater meets international standards for safety and environmental impact.

    ECE R122 Type Approval is mandatory for parking heaters; without this certification, the heater is illegal.

    • GSM 4G/5G Diesel Heaters: With a SIM card, allowing remote operation from any location with mobile network access.
    • Bluetooth-Controlled Heaters: Operable only within the limited range of Bluetooth connectivity.
    • Fuel Consumption: Approximately 0.1 liters per hour per kilowatt of power.
    • Electricity Consumption: Around 40 watts.

    Diesel heaters are used in various settings, including vehicles, garages, cabins, camper vans, boats, greenhouses, and heavy machinery.

    Yes, with an additional 12V to 230V Power adapter.

    • 2kW Heater: Suitable for 20 square meters.
    • 5kW Heater: Good for 40 square meters.
    • 8kW Heater: Can heat up to 60 square meters.

    Yes, by using an Air Share Kitto split the airflow.

    • Diesel Air Heater: Warms the air inside a space.
    • Liquid Heater with Water Circulation: Can heat both the engine and the interior of a space, such as in vehicles.

    Yes, you can homologate a Nordkapp heater in Spain. The heater needs to have the ECE R122 certificate, and you must ensure that the installation complies with the ECE R10 standards. You can check the instructions for this process here.

    Yes, we offer both basic and high-altitude models. The basic model is suitable for use up to 2500 meters, and our high-altitude models can be used at elevations up to 7000 meters.